Hello Alexandra,
We apologize for not getting to this sooner, but we have wanted to because we LOVED working with you and we love our remodel. You were so easy to work with, very knowledgable and helpful. You were able to take a poor floor plan and small kitchen and transform it into a gorgeous, inviting and functional space. The natural light that now flows more readily into our house is beautiful. Even a few years after the work, friends continue to remark at what an amazing transformation you made to our kitchen.

Thank you!

Tom and Betsy


The best decision I made in 20 years of having private medical practices is contracting the architectural services of Alexandra for my latest medical office in Thousand Oaks, CA. Alexandra met us on site after we had discussed our vision over telephone conversations. She was the quintessential professional taking detailed notes on what my associate and I were hoping to accomplish and how we conducted our medical practice. She asked many intelligent questions and never tired from our lack of clarity of what we wanted exactly. Then, I made the request that Alexandra create what she imagined would reflect my love for the care of high-risk pregnancies. Out of our preliminary few meetings the most functional and beautiful designs starter to come our way from Alexandra. She did it all. Space redesign, color schemes, lighting, furnishings, you name it, she had thought of it all and done an amazing job at narrowing down the choices for us so that we did not waste time on anything what so ever. She met with us on one more occasion and showed us sample materials, pictures of furnishings/fixtures, and space design. We were fully sold. The project was fully coordinated between Alexandra and our chosen local building contractor. The process proved most smooth and efficient. We never missed a day of patient care and Alexandra’s vision of my medical practice started to unfold. It was pure ecstasy seeing the office transform from what was a typical boring and poorly functional space to an elegant calming and inviting space that our patients and staff cannot stop talking about. I don’t believe there are words that can express my gratitude for Alexandra’s commitment and exquisite work she created for us. Superb architect and human being. Thank you Alexandra for putting a big happy smile on my face whenever I open the door to our latest medical office. You have captured my essence as a doctor and person in your creation, and for that I will praise you forever!

Waleed Doany, M.D.
Comprehensive Maternal-Fetal Medicine Consultations


When we decided to move to the South of France after retirement, we asked Alexandra to design a home for us. She came up with a beautiful project for a small villa to hug the hillside site overlooking the Roussillon plain from Mount Canigou to the Mediterranean. She gave us a home where we could enjoy the view from any room, kitchen and bathroom included. The house is charming, warm, functional, easy to live in and maintain and perfectly fitted to our wishes and requirements. We have been so happy there since 1996. Thank you so much Alexandra.

Brigitte Videcoq


We had an idea to enclose our back porch and create a small office space. Our contractor thought we needed an architect for this project and suggested Alexandra. We met over several months – she’s a very good listener, asked appropriate questions – and our conversations became collaborations. Her proposal satisfied the city’s code constraints and delighted us. We got a room, a deck with a wonderful garden overview, and a window large enough to take in moonrise over the Berkeley hills. The addition, only 56 sq. ft. of interior space, has transformed the way we live in our house. When we decide to do another building project we will certainly go to her.

Gerry and Mary Gale G.


Alexandra helped us to shape our vision and create a home that we want to grow old in. It was important to us that we maintain the original Victorian feel of our home, while making it more open and livable for a family of four. Her design inspired wonderful lifestyle changes for the whole family, in terms of how we cook, garden, do homework, and socialize. She really listened to us and captured our varied personalities and needs. We could not be happier with the outcome! Thank you Alexandra!

Carrie Green-Zinn and Dann Zinn


I have had the pleasure of working with Alexandra for at least 10 years or more. I have always made it a rule to stop by and see her to keep her up to date on changes in the construction industry. Mainly, window and door manufacturers who are expanding their product lines. Alexandra has always been enthusiastic to spend time and look for a way to execute our strengths towards any project ongoing or in the future. Words cannot express how appreciative I am. I have read many of her plans through the years. In fact, I have read thousands of architects plans in the 30+ years that I have been in the industry. I have been to many of her project sites and met some of the builders that she works with, some are still friends until this day. I have met her clients during and after the project has been completed. I can say this proudly, I don’t recall anyone in the whole process chain complain how underprepared the plans or architect of record is on her jobsites. I have seen Alexandra grow as a person, an architect, and a business. I hope to work with her for many more years and to always call her a friend.

Alonzo Pineda
Full-line Outside Sales at Sunnyvale Lumber


Alexandra Odabachian is a wonderful architect who has done amazing remodel designs for several of my neighbors in Alameda (these are all mid-century modern homes who’ve added stories or bumped out, but she also has a genius with small spaces). Alexandra’s designs are beautiful, livable, and mesh well with the pre-existing architecture. I think she’s also green certified; if not she’s definitely green-oriented! I’d say that the four families I know who’ve hired her are 100% satisfied with the results.

Berkeley Parents’ Network review