Medical Offices

Thousand Oaks, CA |

The best decision I made in 20 years of having private medical practices is contracting the architectural services of Alexandra for my latest medical office in Thousand Oaks, CA. Alexandra met us on site after we had discussed our vision over telephone conversations. She was the quintessential professional taking detailed notes on what my associate and I were hoping to accomplish and how we conducted our medical practice. She asked many intelligent questions and never tired from our lack of clarity of what we wanted exactly. Then, I made the request that Alexandra create what she imagined would reflect my love for the care of high-risk pregnancies. Out of our preliminary few meetings the most functional and beautiful designs starter to come our way from Alexandra. She did it all. Space redesign, color schemes, lighting, furnishings, you name it, she had thought of it all and done an amazing job at narrowing down the choices for us so that we did not waste time on anything what so ever. She met with us on one more occasion and showed us sample materials, pictures of furnishings/fixtures, and space design. We were fully sold. The project was fully coordinated between Alexandra and our chosen local building contractor. The process proved most smooth and efficient. We never missed a day of patient care and Alexandra’s vision of my medical practice started to unfold. It was pure ecstasy seeing the office transform from what was a typical boring and poorly functional space to an elegant calming and inviting space that our patients and staff cannot stop talking about. I don’t believe there are words that can express my gratitude for Alexandra’s commitment and exquisite work she created for us. Superb architect and human being. Thank you Alexandra for putting a big happy smile on my face whenever I open the door to our latest medical office. You have captured my essence as a doctor and person in your creation, and for that I will praise you forever! Waleed Doany, M.D. – Comprehensive Maternal-Fetal Medicine Consultations