Recommendation from builder

I have had the pleasure of working with Alexandra for at least 10 years or more. I have always made it a rule to stop by and see her to keep her up to date on changes in the construction industry. Mainly, window and door manufacturers who are expanding their product lines. Alexandra has always been enthusiastic to spend time and look for a way to execute our strengths towards any project ongoing or in the future. Words cannot express how appreciative I am. I have read many of her plans through the years. In fact, I have read thousands of architects plans in the 30+ years that I have been in the industry. I have been to many of her project sites and met some of the builders that she works with, some are still friends until this day. I have met her clients during and after the project has been completed. I can say this proudly, I don’t recall anyone in the whole process chain complain how underprepared the plans or architect of record is on her jobsites. I have seen Alexandra grow as a person, an architect, and a business. I hope to work with her for many more years and to always call her a friend.

Alonzo Pineda
Full-line Outside Sales at Sunnyvale Lumber